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Black Metal Business Cards

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Quantity: 50pcs

Thickness: 0.5mm Boldly thick classic recommended

Finish: Matte Black


Want to give a trustworthy impression to the customer, so we recommend matte black metal business cards. Every customer want special treatment,we suggest you make your business cards in laser engraved black metal, it will attract customers and make an unforgettable impression on their minds.Matte Black Metal Cards gives a luxurious impression and will be the ultimate thing for your business expression.Do you want to stand out in the crowd and make a lasting impression on your prospective customers?

The Black Metal Business Cards will add the " WOW " appeal. These metal cards are durable and showcase your company brand as reliable and committed to quality. Easy to search in the crowd of other standard plain-looking business cards, the distinct Premium Black Metal Business Cards give you a definite edge over competitors.

Key Features

Black Metal Cards would not smudge say when water spills over them, making them more reliable than some of the other regular business cards. Make your clients feel super special and important as they get your branded Premium Metal Business Cards.Generate more positive responses from your client with your unique, luxury, and yet affordable Metal Business Cards.We assure you that this will be your best choice for your business.

Material: premium stainless steel

Size:3.35 x 2.1 inch/ 85 x 54 mm,3.46*1.96inch/ 88.9 x50.8mm,round corner


>0.3mm Like paper cards,light & flexible.
>0.5mm Boldly thick classic,most recommended!
>0.8mm Extra thick, solid.heavy weight delux


Laser Engraving
Laser engraving creates a one-of-a-kind look. A laser burns away the desired design, creating a fascinating finish with varying colors depending on the surface sliced, which is most commonly utilized on our metal cards.

Variable Data
Unique details might be varied on each card thanks to variable data. Business cards for many people with the identical logos and address details, or membership cards with a unique membership number, are examples of this. On our metal cards, variable data is available and can be laser etched or coated with a spot color.

Surface Finsh

There are three different finishes available for our metal cards. For black metal business cards,we could also have three different finishes,they are matte black metal cards,mirror black metal business cards,and brushed black metal business cards,but mirror black metal business cards and brushed black metal business cards we not use chemical plating the black color,they need use vacuum plating black color,more about vacuum plating,please contact us.


5-8days,except holidays(after manufacturing has been completed)

Once you have placed your order,we will begin the professional design proof creation.As soon as your custom design proof is approved, your metal product will be manufactured and shipped.

Once your metal product has been shipped,you will receive an email confirming your order has been shipped and is on its way to your delivery address.

If you have any questions or queries about our shipping process, please feel free to email us by would be more than happy to assist!


          Qx Metal Cards was founded as a purpose to produce high quality, luxurious and durable metal business cards to our clients.Our metal business cards are all fully custom made, these one-of-a-kind metal business cards help their owners stand out.These metal cards are durable and showcase your company brand as reliable and committed to quality. Easy to search in the crowd of other standard plain-looking business cards, the distinct Premium Metal Business Cards give you a definite edge over competitors.We welcome you to explore out metal cards and see what we’re all about. Any questions? Just let us know!

          Metal Business Cards Crafts


          We using innovative photochemical milling method etch and cut the steel with great precision ,this enables elaborate patterns, holes, and grilles to be created.It provides a slightly sunken appearance with a matte surface. It’s a lovely and opulent finish for details and designs on metal cards, and it looks especially good when paired with a spot color.

          Cut Through

          Die cutting enables for unique card personalization. Simple and complex designs can be cut accurately and meticulously through our metal cards, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching finish. Use it to add details to your card design, such as rounded corners or unusual shapes.

          Spot Colors

          Spot coloring allows for the addition of bright solid colors to metal cards. Spot coloring works best when combined with etching, but it can also stand alone with the correct design. Spot color can be used to add branding or a unique hue to your metal card designs.

          Metal Business Cards Surface Finish

          Brushed Finsihed Metal Cards

          Brushed finishing is one of finish available in our metal card collection. This finish creates a delicate linear brush pattern across the card’s un-etched region. It’s perfect for cards with a lot of etching or a lot of un-etched surface.

          Mirror Finsih Metal Cards

          Mirror Finishing – Our gold, rose gold, and stainless steel metal cards have a delightfully rich feel thanks to mirror finishing, which produces a highly reflecting and polished surface. The final outcome of mirror polishing is elegant and beautiful.

          Matte Finish Metal Cards

          Original Finishing – Our stainless steel metal card stock has an original finish. It is not as reflective as mirror finishing, but it does have a distinct ‘metal’ appearance and an attractive gloss. It has a similar sheen to most high-end stainless steel appliances and gadgets.


          Our metal business cards are customized as your requirement,We can print or etch your logo and business contact information on a stainless steel metal card.Color printed options also available

          No problem! Let our professional design team create the perfect card for you based on your current logo.We’ll make your cards perfect – or your money back.

          Our production times is 2-3 weeks after artwork approval. Delivery time is about 5-8 days.

          Yes,we could do UV printing to reach your requirement.

          Yes, variable data can be added to each card for a fee of $0.50 each. This would include individual number and/or names per card

          When you ask this question, you are very professional. Yes, we can chemically etch different depths. We can etch half the thickness of the card, which is called deep etching.

          For the artwork should in 100% vector,we support AI,PDF,CDR,EPS etc files

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