• Top 5 Most Popular Metal Business Card 2021

    2021 has come to end, and in this year, we have produced many many metal business cards, including lots innovative designs that we will never forget.

    Here I will select some of the new metal card designs and share them with you, hoping to surprise and delight my friends, and also hoping to hear from you that "WOW..., Metal Business Card Could Be Made Like This!!!".

  • 6 Most Exclusive Black Metal Business Cards in 2021

    Black Metal Business Card is different from other metal variants,raw material is high-quality stainless steel,the main craft of making black metal cards is coating black color on the surface,black metal business card manufacturing is a lot more complex,black metal will not corrode or rust and are very durable against the elements. 
  • Metal Business Cards VS Paper Business Cards

    Metal business cards and paper business cards are both used as business cards to pass information to potential customers, but is that the whole thing?
  • Stainless Steel Metal Cards

    Etched Business Card is our most basic metal card.You can feel the different charm of metal cards, and at the same time let your customers feel a different you.
  • Etched Texture Metal Business Cards

    Etched Texture Metal Business Card has been chemically corroded and will not fade over time,we have many types of texture background for you choose
  • Steel Business Cards

    When you submit your mirror steel business cards to your business partner, sparkling effect will leave a deep impression immediately!
  • Laser Engraved Black Metal Business Card

    Laser engraving is the use of the light energy of the laser beam to cause chemical and physical changes in the surface material to create traces, or the use of light energy to burn off part of the material to show the patterns and texts to be etched


  • Hollow Out Silver Metal Business Cards

    Die Out Metal Business Card absolute professional business appearance and feeling will help you leave a good first impression on your clients,and entrepreneurs.
  • Matt Black Metal Business Cards

    Matt Black Metal Business Cards it is matt stainless steel through electroplating black color,the surface color (black white) of the passivated stainless steel is matt black stainless steel.Chemical etching is to remove the protective film of the area to be etched after exposure, plate making and development, and contact with a chemical solution during etching to achieve the effect of dissolving and corroding, forming a concave-convex or hollow-out molding effect.Matt metal business card is the most cost-effective business card among all our black metal cards,It presents classic black, elegant and unparalleled. It presents you to your business partners and makes you leave an unparalleled impression on them.
  • Matt Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

    Matt Copper Business Cards are a beautiful and elegant way to wow your clients. A touch of Gold and Pink.True Class and Luxury!To make you really stand-out.
  • Mirror Rose Gold Business Cards

    Mirror Rose Gold Business Cards is highly reflective and polished look,a touch of rose gold.True Class and Luxury.All our copper Cards are made-to-order,to make you really stand-out.
  • Customized Plating Color Metal Business Cards

    Plating Color Metal Business Cards can be customized to meet your needs for different occasions. You only need to tell us the Pantone color number of the metal business cards, and our factory's professional engineers can adjust the color you want.The color of our metal card base is generally electroplated, so that it will not fade for a long time. We can also silk-print the color, but we generally recommend that customers directly electroplate the color of the metal card base.