Metal Business Cards That Make A Lasting Statement

Do you want to stand out in the crowd and make a lasting impression on your prospective customers? The Metal Business Cards will add the " WOW " appeal. These metal cards are durable and showcase your company brand as reliable and committed to quality. Easy to search in the crowd of other standard plain-looking business cards, the distinct Premium Metal Business Cards give you a definite edge over competitors. Metal Business Cards would not smudge say when water spills over them, making them more reliable than some of the other regular business cards. Make your clients feel super special and important as they get your branded Premium Metallic Business Cards.Generate more positive responses from your client with your unique, luxury, and yet affordable Metallic Business Cards.

Durable Metal Business Cards

Silver color steel cards with enchant and fascinated which is a unique and effective for creating awareness in about your business in the mind of any individual.Available in matte finsih, brushed finish and mirror finish.

Stainless Steel Metal Cards

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Black metal business cards are as powerful as a solid hand shake.Laser engraving can be used on these cards to create a metallic appearance to a design and spot colour can be used to add solid colours to accentuate your company’s branding.

Black Metal Cards

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Gold metal cards in genuine Stainless Steel,add real metal colored hard plating. For maximum effect, we offer thickness options – Get 0.5mm thick, 0.8mm credit card Thick, or even 1.5mm bottle opener thick.

Plated Gold Metal Cards

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Copper Business Cards is a great way to make a generally normal marketing tool very exciting and different. It has numerous additional chance for marketers in addition to being a simply unique business card.

Copper Business Cards

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Show you're a cut above with one of our most interesting and eye-catching metal cards options. With a etching texture and an artistic, canvas-like quality,our Rose Gold Metal  Business Cards give you a stylish, sophisticated look that customer can't miss.

Rose Gold Metal Cards

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The surface of brushed gun metal effect has its unique aesthetic effect,gives a high-end and exquisite feeling,metallic silver with black font,it is also a classic,the brushed gunmetal business card has uniform and rich texture.

Gunmetal Business Cards

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NFC Metal Cards not only past your personal information to others, but also your are elegance, unworldliness, consciousness and originality.

NFC Metal Cards

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The Metal Business Card Bottle Opener is a tool to open bottle,which could also be used as a business card to let you stand out,Our Business Card Bottle Opener can be customized to various shapes and specifications.

Metal Business Card Bottle Opener

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Metal Bookmarks are made of stainless steel, which are thick and firm, not easy to bend, and can be applied for a long time; Each Metal Bookmarks is 3.4 x 2.1 inch/ 86 x 54 mm, which is similar in size to a credit card and can be easily put in a pocket.

Metal Bookmarks

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Why Metal Business Cards?

Metal business cards are made of premium stainless steel,can be easily customised to nearly any shape or size and there is no limit to your creation,much more durable and does not easily bend or fold than your average paper cards.Also, if your metal business card is well designed, it can help land you some important piece of business.In short, if you want presence and authority, you should opt for metal business cards.This Hard Metal Business Card stock is tough and long-lasting.The card's edge options are smooth for safety with all rounded corners.

Power Your Brand By Metal Cards

Metal Business Cards have many attractive colors that can increase the value of your company and help it grow.Black Metal business Cards provides the finest quality and tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of our customers.If you are looking for customizing the shape or size for printing your Metal business card, then provide us with the details of your requirements online and our customization team will get back to you at the earliest. Also, our specialist design team can help you design an eye-catching metal business card. Just select the Design Services option while placing the order or call us right now.

Main Features of Metal Business Cards


Stainless Steel Business Cards are made of 304 SS, which are thick and firm, not easy to bend, and can be applied for a long time;


Each metal business card is 3.35 x 2.1 inch/ 85 x 54 mm, which is similar in size to a credit card and can be easily put in a pocket or wallet,


Our metal cards can be cut into any shape.Moreover, as long as the desired shape fits within the dimensions of a standard card, there is no additional charge.


We use chemical etching to cut out the stainless steel sheets,and laser engraved on the surface,the precision can reach 0.05mm enough for intricate patterns

Custom Metal Business Cards Membership Cards

If you’re looking for an alternative to paper or plastic, consider our metal business cards. Choose from an assortment of material options, including stainless steel, black metal, brass and copper, and finish options such as a chrome or brushed metal. Variable data, barcodes, QR codes, etching and magnetic backing are also available, as well as four-color picture printing.
Our metal business card can be customized to virtually any shape or size for no additional charge, within our standard dimensions. Pricing includes one screen printed color. Up to six spot colors can also be added, with PANTONE® color matching available.
In addition to business cards, we also offer metal bottle openers,VIP passes,bookmarks,invitations and etched metal dog tags. Use our metal cards for any application you can imagine.

What our customers say:

I love, love my cards it gives elegance & luxury same time . I have received a lot of compliments . I will order from them in future

Ryan Bailey

Outstanding response communication with the company! The namecards made are very beautiful n individually packed with plastic cover! Love it! Definitely will deal with your company again.

Luar Vincent

This is my 3rd time ordering from this company and they are very professional and the products are always perfect. I definitely recommend their products.

Karimah Muhammad

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