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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Metal Business Cards

Written by qxmetalcards


Posted on October 19 2022

  • How Can the Metal Business Cards Be Your Most Prestigious Business Cards?
  • What To Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Metal Business Cards
  • Size
  • Color
  • Finish
  • How to create the stainless stee card?

Whether you own a business or you are a freelancer, the business world is more than just the services you are offering to your clients or potential clients.

Your business and services are also part of your personality and identity. Through them,you are able to show everyone not only how you do business but also a part of who you are, and how you like your clients and network to remember and regard you.
Matte Black Metal Busienss Cards Cutout Etched filling glossy ink
There are many marketing tools and strategies at your disposal, and some are just one click away. Some tricks you can actually use for any type of business, and adapt them to promote your business and services.

But, maybe one of the most important marketing tools has to do with how your prospects perceive you. After all, it’s said that the first impression counts, and it stays true in the business world too.

It is not just about the first impression you make during a conversation, a business meeting, or a networking event. Even though it might not seem like it’s a very relevant aspect, your business card plays a subtle, but important part in the way you market yourself and your services.

Let’s explore how your metal business card can help you add to that good first impression you want to make.
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How Can the Metal Business Cards Be Your Most Prestigious Business Cards?

Think of a business card as a traveler – they can go from one person to another and people get the chance to learn more about your business through them.

A lot of the time, business owners give their paper business cards to a prospect,but the paper cards will be immediately throw and forgotten,that’s a massive opportunity wasted.

But metal business cards will not like this,they are made of premium stainless steel,much more durable,tough and does not easily bend or fold than your average paper cards.Aside from the purely visual aspect of your card, which, of course, plays an important role in making it memorable, the feel of your metal business cards can add to the experience. The texture and stainless steel raw material of the card can draw people’s attention and make them remember it. These small but extra details will increase the chances that your business card will make an impact.

Also, if your metal business card is well designed, it can help land you some important piece of business.With a business card that is not forgotten or thrown away, you have a better chance to provide your services to more people and even be recommended. In turn, you can expand your business, grow your revenue, and help more people learn about your products or services.In short, if you want presence and authority, you should opt for metal business cards.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Type Of Metal Business Cards

As we said, choosing the right metal business card can go a long way. There are a few subtle aspects that will make a difference, and we want to share this with you. Our experience in helping businesses and professionals allows us to give you the best tips that will make a difference in how you present yourself.

We are excited to share with you valuable insights that will benefit you and your business.

Here are some of the details that you should take into account when it comes to choosing the type of metal business card:


Normally credit card size (also known as CR80) is standard option for business cards at 2.13 x 3.38”,but the best size for a business card is anything that can fit comfortably in a wallet or pocket,many people also choose the size as 3.46 x 1.96”,and our metal cards can be easily customised to nearly any shape or size and there is no limit to your creation,



There are many options for the thickness of the metal cards,0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm etc,but for the metal business cards,normally choose 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.8mm,


  • 0.3mm Like paper cards,light & flexible.
  • 0.5mm Boldly thick classic,most recommended!
  • 0.8mm Extra thick, solid.heavy weight deluxe

  • metal business cards thickness



    The coloring methods of metal cards mainly include silk printing,spray color,plating color

    Silk printing color also call screen printing,we could printing as Pantone number,and color very exactly,normally we could do screen printing your logo,letters,and whole surface etc

    Spray color also use more for the metal cards production,do not limited by color,but the price will little higher than screen printing

    Plating color include chemical plating and vacuum plating,chemical plating is the most commonly crafts for metal cards,could plating gold,black,rose gold,gun metal,copper etc common colors,if you want a matte black metal cards,you could choose chemical plating,but vacuum plating is use less in produce metal business cards,but some customers need very luxurious metal cards, we can also use vacuum plating,of couse,the price will very expensive.


    Surface finish

    Usually stainless steel metal business cards available in Matte Finsih, Brushed Finish and Mirror Finish.

    Mirror Finishing – Our gold, rose gold, and stainless steel metal cards have a delightfully rich feel thanks to mirror finishing, which produces a highly reflecting and polished surface. The final outcome of mirror polishing is elegant and beautiful.But mirror stainless steel cards easy to scratch,this is something you should think about.

    Original Finishing – Our stainless steel metal card stock has an original finish. It is not as reflective as mirror finishing, but it does have a distinct ‘metal’ appearance and an attractive gloss. It has a similar sheen to most high-end stainless steel appliances and gadgets.Matte finish metal business cards is the normal stainless steel finish,are truly unique in the market,sturdy, rust-resistant, and long-lasting

    Brushed Finishing – Brushed finishing is the third type of finish available in our metal card collection. This finish creates a delicate linear brush pattern across the card’s un-etched region. It’s perfect for cards with a lot of etching or a lot of un-etched surface.Brushed finish stainless steel cards don't scratch easily,If you use frequent friction, then you need to choose a brushed finish.



    When creating the ideal card for your business and services, it’s not about a general guideline you have to follow. Your card is about you and your business, and it will reflect what you want and need it to reflect. When you want to print your business cards, think of these aspects and consider them. They will help you create your personal, ideal card.

    What Is the Impression You Want to Create?
    Each business is different, and it has its own services. Not all business cards need to look the same. Some are elegant, others colorful, or with a classic touch. Depending on how you want to position your brand on the market, you will choose the type of card to represent you. You can always ask for assistance in the process of creating your business card.

    What Is Your Budget?
    How much money you can put into the creation of your business cards is another important aspect to consider. Thicker metal business cards with a plating color finish are pricier compared to thinner and simpler ones, but the impression they make can increase your ROI. It can be a difficult decision to make and it’s OK to ask for help from a team of professionals if you are not sure which way to go.

    Print Your Cards
    Once all details have been figured out, you will need to print your cards. Metal business cards not like paper business cards,the production crafts very complex,Qx metal cards are focusing on metal busienss cards production, It is mainly engaged in the corrosion, silk screen printing, electroplating, laser engraving and other processes,if you have any questions regarding metal business cards or for assistance with your order, please email us at



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