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Metal Business Cards with QR Code

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Posted on May 06 2022

QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, typically made up of black and white pixel patterns.QR codes are used more and more in our lives. In recent years, QR codes have been widely used in business cards. We design metal business card cards that can also add QR codes. Adding QR codes to your metal business cards can offer clients easy access to your contact information, website, or any social media page.

How to print the QR code on the metal card?

In general, we will use screen printing to print the QR code, the color of the QR code can be customized, For easy scanning, We recommend using color with a large contrast to the color of the metal card, for example, if the metal card is silver, we use white or black.

If matte black metal business cards, we could laser engrave the QR code on the metal business cards, which will present white-silver color.

 Types of QR codes

QR code used in metal business card, usually a QR code is a link to LinkedIn or other URLs that contain your information, the QR code can also be a vcard.

Is the QR code fixed?

Does the QR code in the metal business card have to be fixed? No, our QR code can be the same or can print different variations of the QR code, the QR code of each card is different, and this is also possible.

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