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Laser Engraved Metal Business Cards

Written by qxmetalcards


Posted on May 25 2022

Laser engraved technology is widely used in metal business card's production,metal business cards often have specific or changing data requirements,we can directly import all the information into the computer to complete,the operation is simple.

Laser engraved reveals information by removing the electroplating layer on the surface of the metal cards.The following is the effect of common metal cards after laser

Stainless steel cards the base color is silver,if we laser engraving on the surface,the color will be matte silver,

Plated black stainless steel cards,this is one of our most popular metal business cards,we electroplated matt black color on the stainless steel surface,after laser engraving,present white-silver,elegant black with luxury silver color,absolutely your best choice.

Plated black copper cards is use pure copper materal as base,and plated matte black,if laser etched,then will present gold color,if you want a gold writings and logo matte black metal business cards,tell us,we will do it for you.

In need of some business cards immediately,we are now offering laser engraved black metal cards for those who are in a urgently.These cards have a luxury feel, with out the luxury turn around time.It only takes 24-48 hours to prepare laser engraving for delivery,you could get the metal business cards soon.



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