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Customized Spot UV Black Metal Business Cards

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on February 13 2021

Our Spot UV Black Metal Business Cards could be customized with Spot UV for the text, pattern and logo you need,If you want to spot UV on your metal business card,follow us,the top manufacturer of metal business card.

Spot UV means passing a layer of UV ink on the surface of the printed products,Use a solid printing plate or a graphic printing plate to print the varnishing oil once or twice to obtain a bright VU film on the surface of the printed product. Printing and varnishing can enhance the light resistance of the ink and increase the heat and moisture resistance of the ink layer. Protect the role of imprinting and beautifying products instead of film.


Spot UV black metal cards


UV varnish is the use of UV (abbreviation for Ultra Viole, namely ultraviolet light) to cure the varnish coating. It has the characteristics of fast curing and low temperature curing of coatings, and has been widely used in the gloss processing of printed matter.
  UV glazing rapidly rises and has the potential to replace plastic coatings and solvent-based glazing in many products, which mainly depends on its own characteristics:

  1. UV glazing oil contains almost no solvents, and the emission of organic volatiles is very small, thus reducing air pollution, improving the working environment, and reducing the risk of fire;
  2. The UV varnish does not contain solvents and does not require heat during curing. The energy consumption required for curing is only about 20% of the infrared curing ink and infrared curing varnish. In addition, this glazing oil has a strong affinity for ink and strong adhesion. The curing speed can reach 100-300M/MIN under the irradiation of 80-120W/CM ultraviolet lamp;
  3. The color of printed matter processed by UV coating process is obviously brighter than other processing methods, and the cured coating is wear-resistant, more resistant to chemicals and chemicals, has good stability, and can be scrubbed with water and ethanol ;
  4. UV glazing oil has high active ingredients and low volatility, so the dosage is small.
  5. It can avoid the defects that often occur in the plastic coating process, such as the phenomenon of warping, blistering, wrinkling and delamination, UV coating products are not sticky, and can be stacked after curing to facilitate post-processing operations such as binding;
  6. Can be recycled. It solves the environmental pollution problem caused by the plastic composite paper base cannot be recycled.



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