Order Metal Business Cards

QianXu Metal Cards is the top metal business card manufacturer,We offers the high-quality customized metal cards around the world.We mainly produce all kinds of metal business cards, metal tags, metal bookmarks, metal nameplates, etc.You can purchase metal business cards from us through the following steps:

#1:Meet the metal cards

Browse our online shop and choose the style of metal business card you want,Our metal business card has many styles to Meet your needs

#2:Design your metal cards

Tell us the style of metal card you want, or send us your design,for the design it is much better for vector files,we support AI/PDF/CDR/EPS etc.

If you do not have artworks,that doesn't matter,Our professional design team will design for you. You only send us your previous business card or logo,we know how to customize your metal business cards,and waiting for surprise.

we will design your favorite metal business card within 24-48 hours,then send you a proof,you have to double check that the information on the business card is correct.

 Note:All our designs are free,will not contain any hidden fees.

#3:Quote your metal cards

We will combine the size, thickness, crafts, quantity, etc to make a quote for you,our quotations are transparent and the price is the most cost-effective.All our raw materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, through exquisite craftsmanship, and management system, to produce the best metal business cards in the world. So our price will be slightly higher, but when you receive the metal card we made for you, you will feel that it is worth the money, I believe you will recommend us to your friends.

#4:Make payment

Once you confirm the price,We will make a commercial invoice for you,then you could make the payment,we support PayPal,T/T,Western Union, etc

#5:Make proof

When we receive your payment, we will make a final proof, and we will produce directly according to this proof.

#6:Shipping information

Now please tell us your shipping information,mainly include detailed address, zip code, consignee, telephone,once your metal cards finish,we will ship your package as your information.

#7:Waiting Amazing

Next, you just need to wait patiently at home, the best metal business card will be delivered to you shortly,we have the most advanced production line, and the shortest production time.