Metal Business Cards Wholesale

QianXu Metal Card is a global metal cards supplier. We not only customize metal business cards for individuals, but also provide services for many metal business card reseller.Why does QianXu Metal Card export so many metal business cards to countries all over the world every year? Because we have rich experience in making metal cards,we have focused on the production of metal cards for many years never change.

We can cooperate with you in the following situations:

#1:Metal Business Cards Reseller

With the popularity of metal business cards, and everyone’s recognition and market demand, you could resell metal business cards in your area,If you are worried about being unfamiliar with metal business cards,no worry,we could provide technical support to help you familiarize with the production process of metal business cards.

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

#2:Metal Crafts Cards Creator

We not only do metal business cards, we can also corrode, polish, electroplate, wire drawing and other processes on metal plates.If you have a creative idea, but you are worried about not being able to produce it, it doesn’t matter. We can help you realize your dream and create bravely. You only imagine and design it, we help you produce it.

Metal Business Cards Wholesale