Matte Stainless Steel Cards

Matte, the matte surface of stainless steel cards is also called matte, and matte is relative to plain, that is, non-glossy surface. Light pollution can be avoided and maintenance is more convenient. The matt surface metal cards is a bit hairy, like the surface of frosted glass.

The matte surface of stainless steel cards has sandblasting,chemical treatment (using a non-polluting pickling passivation paste and a non-toxic cleaning solution with inorganic additives at room temperature for immersion), wire drawing, and electroplating Law and so on.Main difference between stainless steel polishing cards and matt stainless steel is different brightness, different roughness, and different visual appearance.

                      Matt effect                                           Mirror effect

  Matt Steel     mirror steel


1.Different brightness

Polishing is like a mirror surface, which can reflect objects, while matte is called drawing or drawing, which means that the surface of stainless steel is like a steel ball with low reflectivity.

2.Different roughness

The roughness of the polishing is very low, but the roughness of the matte is higher, and it is more wear-resistant, and it is not easy to see the wear.

3.The visual presentation is different

Polishing makes the surface smooth, reflective mirror reflection, glare, giving people a bright and gorgeous feeling; matte light has no glare, no glare, giving people a stable and elegant feeling.