Metal Sheet Precision Chemical Etching

QianXu Metal Card is a high-tech enterprise specializing in metal etching/corrosion processing. The company gathers experts in the etching industry and introduces advanced etching production lines, which can perform etching precision processing on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron plates and other materials according to customer needs , Drawings and samples are available!

The company's products are widely used in: electronics, precision hardware, communications, automotive engineering, medical, aerospace, petrochemical, military, scientific research, precision engineering application components and other industries.

The material thickness ranges from 0.013mm to 2.0mm, and the minimum tolerance can be controlled within ±0.03mm.

At present, the main product categories: precision etching; etching processing; metal etching; corrosion of metal code discs; corrosion processing of IC lead frames; stainless steel etching filter screens; etching processing of speaker nets; corrosion signs; etching light transmission sheets; etching handicrafts; corrosion light transmission sheets Corrosion of dust-proof mesh; etching mask; corrosion of mobile phone shading sheet; etching hardware; etching resistors; corrosion of metal mobile phone accessories; stainless steel corrosion processing; corrosion of stainless steel; no connection point brand LOGO; no connection point precision gasket; for mobile phones Metal components; anti-theft product accessories; printer copier accessories; yard accessories; special metal code discs for encoders; translucent sheets for photoelectric products; metal crafts; metal parts for health care products; scrapers; planing blades and other precision parts.

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