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Why do metal cards production need vector files?

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on March 05 2021

First of all, we understand what is a vector file?

Vector graphics, also called object-oriented images or drawing images, are mathematically defined as a series of points connected by lines. The graphic elements in the vector file are called objects. Each object is a self-contained entity with attributes such as color, shape, outline, size, and screen position.
Vector graphics are drawn based on geometric characteristics. Vectors can be a point or a line. Vector graphics can only be generated by software. The file occupies a small amount of internal space, because this type of image file contains independent separate images, which can be free. Restricted recombination. Its characteristic is that the image will not be distorted after magnification, has nothing to do with the resolution, it is suitable for graphic design, text design and some logo design, layout design and so on.


Why do metal cards production need vector files?

The general processing technology of metal business cards includes chemical corrosion, laser engraving, silk screen, etc.These processes need to be completed on the computer,With the rapid advancement of computer technology, the integration of film design has greatly simplified the drafting work. At the same time, the birth of high-quality photosensitive materials has made up for the defects in the previous corrosion processing.Fine and ever-changing etching mesh, free and random lace, and distinctive graphic design, so that each metal card has its own unique characteristics, and even the shape and specifications are not restricted by the old molds. Customized according to customer requirements.

Commonly used software for metal business card design

Metal business cards vector graphics software: software used to draw vector graphics. Common vector graphics software includes adobe illustrator, corel draw, inkscape, and Xara Xtreme. Among them, Adobe's Illustrator and Corel's CorelDRAW are the best in many vector graphics design software. In addition, CAD software is also a vector software,QianXu Metal Cards Support below formats:




*.dxf(Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format)

*.eps(Encapsulated PostScript)

*.svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)


The difference between vector graphics and bitmaps?

The biggest difference between vector graphics and bitmaps is that they are not affected by resolution. Therefore, during printing, the graphics can be enlarged or reduced arbitrarily without affecting the clarity of the drawing, and can be displayed on the output device at the highest resolution.



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