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What information should metal business card design have?

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on March 27 2021

Metal business cards can be the first impression of your brand – and having a strong, yet unique card gives your business value and legitimacy. Always be prepared to network and make those genuine connections with potential clients and customers by giving them a card they'll remember! A metal business card that you can be proud of can be your best direct-marketing tool! Here are some super-sweet ideas of metal business cards design to get you started: 

Rose gold metal business cards

1.Personal Name:

The name is the most important part of the business card. For the company, the name of the founder needs to be printed,It’s best to be a full name, not abbreviations

2.Company Name

The full name of the company, you can design and add the company's Logo,As modern companies pay great attention to brand image, Metropolis will print exclusive trademarks or logos on metal business cards to increase the other party’s impression of the company.

3.Job title

Position held by the company,such as owner,founder,manager, salesman

4.The company's business project or product

This item has a dazzling array of different industries, and is printed for the purpose of business or product promotion or promotion, in order to increase the impression of business card holders and create business opportunities

5.Company address

Generally speaking, the address of the company is a necessary content in the business card, and sometimes the address of the branch is also printed to show the size of the company. Coupled with the current development of electronic information, many companies also print the company’s website on their business cards, which is also a type of address.

6.Company's contact information

In the metal business card, in addition to "phone" is a necessary content, instagram, QR code,mobile phone, fax number, and email can all be printed on the business card as contact information

7.Company slogan

The slogan usually printed on the business card corresponds to the corporate image, company name or advertising slogan. The association or repetition of the slogan can deepen the customer’s impression and increase the company’s reputation.

8.Color graphics or shading of metal business cards

The corporate culture includes the company’s uniform colors. When designing a metal business card, it is necessary to ensure that the font on the business card and the color of the logo are consistent with the company’s style.




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