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Top 4 Most Popular Stainless Steel Cards Finish

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on February 20 2021

In today's globalization, competition among enterprises is very fierce; the brand effect of enterprises has played a decisive role. Equipped with a high-grade personality business card can highlight the connotation of corporate culture. Give people a good visual atmosphere, is a symbol of identity. Can make the other party deeply remember you and your products,our stainless steel business card is your best choice,We will introduce the finished effect of the metal card.

Stainless steel metal cards are generally his own color, and then through electroplating, etch, silk printing, engraving and other crafts to produce, stainless steel metal cards can make brushed effect, mirror effect, frosted effect, we have the world's top metal card manufacturing technology, we can produce different effects according to the needs of customers, each effect will give you surprise.

Item Specifics

Material:Stainless steel

Finish:Matte Effect

Size:85.0 mm x 54.0 mm (3.35” x 2.13”),



  • Etching/Deep Etching

  • Words Raise

  • Cutting Out

  • Plating Color

  • Laser Engraved

  • Surface Polished

  • Surface Brushed

  • Silk Printing

  • Spot UV


  • Variable number/Fixed Number
  • QR Code,
  • Bar code,
  • Signature panel
  • Magnetic stripe,
  • Smart chip

    Brushed Finsih Stainless Steel Card

             A distinctive look with an unidirectional finish,the brushing process gives the stainless steel a pattern of very fine lines parallel to the brushing direction.

                                             Brushed metal business cards


    Cut Through Finish Stainless Steel Card

    The Chemical etching process is used to etch into the same position on the front and back of the card surface.When the two areas come into contact, the pieces will fall out creating a unique and visually stimulating cut through effect

                                          stainless steel business cards


    Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Card

    Mirror stainless steel cards are polished by chemical polishing or physical polishing to achieve mirror effect on the surface of stainless steel cards, which gives a high-grade impression.

                                           mirror metal buisness cards

    Etched Finish Stainless Steel Card

    Chemical etching is the technique used to precision etch custom artwork into the stainless steel card surface.The process uses acid to etch away unwanted metal,while a photographically prepared mask is used to protect the metal metal areas that arw to remain after the etching process,the etched surface will appear lighter in color and this contrasts with the unetched surface of the card

                                             cutting out metal business cards


    Order Process

    - Contact us for quotation,Whatsapp:+86 18627752827

    - confirm the production crafts and your artwork;

    - confirm the price;

    - we send the final proof for your confirmation.

    - Make the payment;

    - Production and shipping

    - Your evaluate/assess to us.




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