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Stainless Steel Sheets

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Posted on September 05 2022

These steel plates help protect the words from fire, water, corrosion damage and the otherwise perishable nature of paper.These metal plate are durable and not easily damaged,outside on walls, by the sea, where it rains,our steel plates are impervious to damage and corrosion
metal tool cards

Metal plates are made of premium stainless steel,can be easily customised to nearly any shape or size and there is no limit to your creation,much more durable and does not easily bend or fold than your average paper cards,available in Etching,Printing,Plating crafts .Also, if your metal sheet is well designed, it can help land you some important piece of business.In short, if you want presence and authority, you should opt for metal plates.This Hard Metal plates stock is tough and long-lasting.The card's edge options are smooth for safety with all rounded corners.
metal tool cards

Wide Usage:

  • Promotion Metal Business Cards
  • Promotion Gift Card
  • Metal Plaque
  • Metal Nameplate
  • Metal Desk Tag
  • Metal Lable tag
  • Metal Name Card
  • Metal Desk Number Tag
  • Gift Metal Cards
  • passphrase plates
  • metal grinder sheets/cards
  • metal tool plates
  • bottle opener plates
  • Credit Card Sized Multi-Tool Ruler
  • Outdoor Multifunction Survive Pocket Card
  • Metal Escape Card 
  • Multi Tool Utility Cards
  • Survival metal plates

We are manufacturing factory focusing on thin metal production, It is mainly engaged in the corrosion, silk screen printing, electroplating, laser engraving and other processes of thin metal (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc) less than 2mm.

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