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Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on May 11 2021

01 / Metal Business Card Crafts

Thin as paper, tough as steel, extremely flexible,using stainless steel and pure copper materials, it is refined by multiple processes: wire cutting molds, stamping, corrosion, silk screen, polishing, electroplating, laser, coloring, packaging, etc., and modern advanced technology. It shows you are strong The brand image is full of vitality and modernity.

gold metal cards

Brushed/glossy silver card business card

The stainless steel surface texture of natural metal texture is very suitable for the corrosion and silk screen process of simple design.

Metal gold card business cards

Those are made of pure bronze or red copper materials, and can also be electroplated with stainless steel. With other complex processes, it can make cards with glittering gold and king style.

Metal black card business card

The matte black surface after anodizing treatment enriches the design methods of metal cards.

02 / Craftsmanship

Using advanced photochemical milling technology, steel can be etched and cut accurately, creating complex patterns and hollowing effects, and text can be silk-printed or etched on the metal surface to provide good readability, and the contrast between etched and unetched Can produce surface effects with different textures.

brushed metal cards

Ⅰ Silk screen and color filling can make the cold metal surface undergo color processing, thereby expanding the design methods of metal cards.

Ⅱ Realize precise cutting through etching process to form hollow effect.

Ⅲ Paste a layer of photoresist film on the metal surface, and then expose the steel plate to an acidic environment to corrode the surface of the stainless steel, and the core of the corroded material is exposed, which contrasts with the original surface by forming two different textures. Improved readability.


03 / Material selection

The materials are high-quality 304 stainless steel, blue/brass, etc., which can be made into frosted shading electrophoresis with spot color, electrophoretic colored dots, gold-plated laser shading, gold-plated fine dots, black/white, sterling silver, gold-plated frosted shading Wait.

gold metal cards

Simple style

Choose brushed stainless steel or original color flat silver card, and the crafts are mainly etching, silk-screening and hollowing.

The post-modern style

Mostly uses black gold or silver cards, boldly using various exaggerated techniques to achieve the effect of self-expression.

Classic style

The design prefers gold or gold-plated cards, the layout is symmetrical and balanced, and the classic element patterns are used for hollowing out, which fully reflects the spirit of classic aesthetics.



04 / Cost

Reasonable cost-effectiveness ratio can also make a high compelling effect
We should pursue an ideal balance between cost and process effect. We should not ignore the cost because of the one-sided pursuit of process effect, and we should not stifle our creativity because of cost constraints!

Cost factor

Choose metal silver card or black card as the material, and the craftsmanship uses a simple style. Of course, the number is also the key to determining the cost.

Complex and exaggerated decorations

Can choose gold plating or other color plating, using frosted shading, electrophoretic coloring dots, etching, laser and other complex processes

Exceeding the budget.

Precious metal cards such as sterling silver cards and sterling silver-plated 24K gold cards can truly reflect the company's brand value. Industries such as luxury cars and yachts are worth a try.


05 / Precautions

Metal business cards are very modern, both visually and hand-touched effects are impressive, and are loved by designers. If you can refer to the following precautions before designing, it will be twice the result with half the effort!


The commonly used thickness is 0.3mm, and it can also be made 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, etc., and can also be customized according to your needs.


86*54mm, this is a standard size, we also accept customer customization.


Color and text can be embossed gold effect, you can press PANTONE color silk screen and wrap with gold or silver edge, or you can make color gold card.



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