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Skills and Specifications of Metal Business Cards Design

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on March 27 2021

Everyone will have their own business card. A good business card can make your business elite image more dynamic. Today, I will explain some skills and specifications of business card design for everyone, let’s learn together~

stainless steel metal business cards
Highlight brand value

The color, pattern texture, and text layout of the business card should be consistent with the business content that you want to express, and surpass other competitors. Because a beautifully designed metal business card can promote the brand. May wish to use bold image colors, unique shape fonts to express the brand's creativity, artistry and fun.

Elegant and classic business card design, adding some unique and modern elements

Understand design parameters

When designing a metal business card, you need to understand some basic design parameters.


The most common metal business card size is 84mm * 55mm, or 3.5 inches * 2 inches. It is worth noting that any atypical size may cost more budget.


Although most business cards are paper, we will have more choices, such as plastic, wood, metal and even slate.

Arrangement direction:

This means that we have to understand how customers like to read metal business card.

Vertical format:

Clean and elegant appearance design has become more and more popular in recent years. The same applies to any printing, but there may be a little difficulty in reading business cards.

What elements should be on the front of a metal business card?

1. The most important name

2. The business of your company

3. Position title

4. The way anyone can contact you, such as email, phone or even company address

5. Brand Logo



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