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Metal Business Cards VS Paper Business Cards

Written by qxmetalcards


Posted on August 16 2021

Metal business cards and paper business cards are both used as business cards to pass information to potential customers, but is that the whole thing? Let’s make some comparisons from the external features and internal attributes.

stainless steel business cards

1.Main features

Metal Business Cards

Paper Business Cards


304 Stainless Steel



85*54mm,90*50mm,as customizable





Main Crafts

precision etching,screen prinitng,plating

CMYK printing,foil

Design files




round,square,as customizable






round corner,square corner

round corner,square corner



It can be seen from the above parameters that metal business cards can provide more varieties, so that the design can be more flexible. The metal card is made of chemically etching cut out stainless steel. We can customize its shape as we like without being restricted by production conditions. Paper business cards are not acceptable, and can only be cut according to a fixed shape. We once made business cards for a real estate agent. He didn’t understand more about business cards, so we recommended him to make metal business cards, and then designed a business card for them according to the nature of his work, which was cut into the shape of a house roof. And brick hollow, such business cards, I believe that any potential customers will feel professional when they receive them. There are also a wide variety of metal business cards in thickness, which is enough to satisfy your choice from thin to thick. As long as you like, there is always something that belongs to you!

cheap metal business cards

2.Carrying information

Paper business cards, when we handed them out, the next stop was the trash can. The recipient did not look at the content on it. The metal business card is different. We took out the metal business card and it attracted the attention of the other party in an instant. Strength, customers accept the business card submitted by us, the weight and feel, like electricity, touch their hearts, professionalism and strength occupy their brains, and the business relationship between them is as eternal as metal.

Metal business cards convey not only name, phone number, and email address, but also emotion, friendship, and trust!

brushed stainless steel business cards


3.Price of both

The price of metal business card is much higher than that of paper business card. So, for "expensive" metal business card, is it worth buying? The answer is yes, it is a choice between quantity and quality. Some people think that the same money can buy more paper business cards and distribute them to strange faces all over the street. The wide-spreading mode will always get some customers. This idea is very wrong, cheap paper business cards flying all over the sky with no value will not make customers have the desire to buy.

Metal business cards are different. Their expensiveness increases their added value. Handing out a metal business card means respect and a serious attitude. Similarly, potential customers will face your attitude and give serious feedback. A metal business card can get an accurate customer!

black metal business cards


Paper cards are not environment-friendly. Many trees are pulled down to make paper business cards. The wood taken from these trees is then processed into paper, and this paper is printed to make cards on the adverse of the business loss of trees. the climate, and it also loosens the soil.Metal business cards can be recycled, and they are very durable.

brushed gold metal business cards

Purchase Metal Business Cards Now

If you feel that paper business cards are ordinary, and the price of metal business cards is beyond your budget, then you could try our Etching Steel Business Cards which is an entry-level metal business card,also luxury,texture and durability,metal etched business cards is 0.3mm thick, stainless steel surface etching,cutting out logo and letters,no plated,no screen printing

Whether you’re the CEO or a salesman,metal cards can leave a lasting impression on others. You’ll find that people will remember you more when you use metal cards instead of paper business cards.


Learn more about the crafts and price of black metal business cards,contact us at,WhatsApp +86 18627751817,we will take you into the world of metal business cards and arm yourself with unique metal business cards.



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