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Black Velvet Metal Business Cards

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Posted on May 11 2022

Velvet is a fabric with evenly distributed yarns and short, dense piles that give velvet a unique feel.If you apply this velvet to the surface of a metal business card, what will it feel like?

Black Velvet Metal Business Cards

Through continuous testing and adjustment,our engineers use the etching technology,makes black metal business cards surface very dense and finely texturem,the vision and feel are infinitely close to velvet.Our black metal business cards finish provides a soft velvet-like feel to a metal card that just has to be touched to be experienced!

So how about the price of such a wonderful metal business card?

Due to the extremely low production rate of black velvet metal business cards,therefore, the price is higher than ordinary matte black metal business cards,but with the high business value relative by black velvet metal business cards,the price is cheapest.

ONLY 269USD For 100pcs,free shipping worldwide

How to order?

  • Step1: Confirm the type/quantity/thickness of metal cards,send us your artwork&logo,it is better for vector files,such as AI,PDF,CDR,EPS etc
  • Step2: In 24 hours or less, you will receive a design from us,and you could tell us your suggestions and opinions,and we will revise it to your satisfaction.
  • Step3: We confirm the terms of payment and then make payment
  • Step4: After confirming your artwork, your cards will be produced in our factory,the production time will about 2-3 weeks.

Why us?

Premium Quality:All our raw materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, through exquisite craftsmanship, and management system, to produce the best metal business cards in the world.

Team Strength:We are the manufacturer for metal cards for more than 15 years, cooperate with us, you choose the profession. Excellent R&S ability, all the metal business cards are produced in our advanced factory.

Rapid production:We are a metal card production factory.We have advanced modern production equipment and skilled engineers.Strict management system,efficient production speed,ensures each metal card with high quality to your hands.

Widely Shipping:We use the fastest and safest express,such as DHL,UPS,Fedex etc,considering that many regions have different logistics policies,before shipping, we will listen to your suggestions which express delivery is best.

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