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Matt - Anodized Metal Business Cards

Written by DermidYuan


Posted on February 16 2021

Anodized Metal Business Cards are also commonly known as electrophoresis cards. The main colors are black, fuchsia, blue, green, yellow, red and other relatively bright colors. They are different from the bright characteristics of electroplating products.Electrophoresis cards are Matt,and "Matt"features make the card look more high-end and rich in texture. At present, the most popular matt metal business cards are matt black metal business cards. The production sequence of dumb black cards is: etching, electrophoresis and silk screen printing.

The surface treatment process of anodized metal card refers to the process of forming an oxide film on the surface of the metal business card as an anode in an electrolyte solution under the action of an external current. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and performance of the card, such as surface coloring, improving corrosion resistance, enhancing wear resistance and hardness, and protecting metal surfaces.

Qianxu Metal Card’s anodized metal card is mainly oxidized on the surface of the metal card to customize various colors to meet customer needs. We use Pantone Chromatography to formulate colors. You only need to tell us the Pantone color number you need.

QianXu Metal Card is a fashion printing project. No matter what metal material it is, QianXu Metal Card can be printed perfectly. There are many metal materials, but what attracts many people now is business cards. Business cards may seem inconspicuous, but they play a very important role. If you want others to remember, you must have the most unique side. But now, it is very difficult for others to remember it all at once. The use of metal business cards is a very good way. Qianxu Metal Card Fashion printing technology and equipment are all very advanced. The printed metal business cards are not only of good quality, not fading, and can maintain long-term brightness. It is a must-have thing that people can't forget at a glance. Metal business cards are also completely customizable.



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