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How do I create a business card that people won't throw away?

Written by QianXuMetalCards


Posted on May 24 2021

Whether you’re heading to a trade show, conference, or a client meeting, having a business card to share can give you an edge over others. The trouble is, everyone else probably has one, too. So many cards means that 85% of them get thrown out within a week.Carefully planning and making an effective design is the key to keeping your card out of the garbage bin. Follow these steps to easily make a business card people will remember.

  • Stay on brand - by now you should have a brand, be it a colour palette, a logo, your photo or your company name - which ever represents you the best in the market. Strictly adhere to this brand so your card is easily identifiable in the lot. 

  • Most business card titles suck. Not because they are poorly written, but because they are generic. For example, stating, “I’m a CEO” or “Marketing Officer” is too generic for a title. It’s simple to come up with these titles on a business card; people are used to them. It would be awesome if you can make your title unique. “Styler” for a hairdresser, for example, or “wordsmith” for a writer. These kinds of titles sound more informal, friendly, and unique.

  • Choose your contact channels wisely - in today’s world, there can be many ways that a potential client can contact you - Your Website, Facebook Profile or Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mobile, WhatsApp…the list is endless! Putting all of this on your card will just make it look busy so choose one or two channels that represent you the most and is the best way to get in touch.

  • Avoid all the clutter - more white space is good for your card, it means that you can draw attention to things that matter the most: who you are, what you do and how to contact you. It’s basically a sales pitch on a piece of card so avoid unnecessary quotations and images that don’t add any value.

  • Use the back of the card - since you’re keeping the front as simple as possible, the back of the card is an excellent way to give more detail. Take advantage of QR Codes link these to your website or blog where people can read more about the amazing work you do.

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