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Full Color Metal Business Cards

Posted on April 30 2022

Colorful full color printed metal business card is also called digital printed metal business card,we call it full color metal business cards,most Metal Business Cards have 1 to 3 colors,some clients prefer a full colour print with gradients.

Most people think that color printing can only be used on paper or plastic monitors, but they don't know that color printing can also be used on metal surfaces,which limits creative thinking,I'm telling you now, it's not a problem

full color metal business cards

Many people will doubt whether printing on metal cards will have a good effect, We use UV printers for color printing, and the effect of printing on metal business cards is very good.

colorful full printing metal business cards

Color printed metal card application:

Full Color Metal Business Cards

Cartoon Metal Gold Plated Card

Rainbow Cards

Pokemon Metal Cards

Display Cartoon Pokémon cards


Learn more about the crafts and price of full color metal business cards,contact us at,WhatsApp +86 18627751817,we will take you into the world of metal business cards and arm yourself with unique metal business cards.



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