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Cheap Metal Business Cards

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Posted on March 17 2022

Metal business card is the cheapest and useful advertising approach in this advance era.You can think about it:handing over your delicate,elegant metal business card to your client can directly attract his attention and convey trust.

In the modern era,a low-cost metal business card is an outstanding marketing instrument.Most people are using metal business cards as a quick and effective way of marketing,your company will lose if you don't have it.Metal business card is the most powerful communication method,and many people claim the business cards are used to convey the company's message to customers and rivals.The metal business card is the most useful asset of your organization. This most attractive and creative asset will help you in your organization value maximization, which is very effective and less costly method. 

In people's impression, our business cards are generally paper business cards.Even the higher-end business cards are just plastic business cards.When we say that stainless steel is used as a metal business card, and it is still high-quality 304 stainless steel,Immediately everyone will have doubts.

How much are Metal Business Cards?Let me introduce the price of metal business card cards to you to see if it is really expensive.

1.Etching Steel Business Cards

Etching Steel Business Cards are our cheapest metal cards and our entry-level metal card offering,the package only 100pcs, 0.3mm thickness,also luxury,texture and durability,chemical etching,die-out logo and letters,without plating,printing crafts.Only 150USD,the package will be delivered directly to your hands, without any other extra cost, if there is no design, we will help you to complete it by free,in other words,you only spend $150 to have our 100PCS hight quality Metal Business Cards.


2.Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards are our best selling metal cards,stainless steel business cards can be screen printed in different colors according to your brand needs,and less than 2 colors both side,we don't charge extra.Stainless steel metal business card cards mainly have three surface finish effects, including matte finish,brushed finish,mirror finish,you can choose according to your preferences.The price start from $165


3.Gold Metal Business Cards

Compared with the stainless steel card, the metal gold card is a little expensive, because it adds the electroplating gold craft on the basis of the stainless steel card, and the production is more complicated.The overall color of the plated gold metal card is golden,this electroplated gold is different from the silk-screened gold, it is super durable and does not fade,luxurious gold card worth his price.Price start from $209.80


4.Black Metal Business Cards

We have produced many classic designs for electroplating matte black metal cards.Matte black metal business card cards could be corroded, laser engraved, cutting out, printing etc crafts,as long as you can design the effect, we can present it on the matte black metal card.Matte black metal business cards are a bit expensive,especially suitable for company founders, CEOs,It is precisely because of its high price and high quality that it is possible to realize your uniqueness and strength.Price start from $219.80

Know More

Product Description

Although our cheapest metal business card which is an entry-level metal business card,have a lowest price,but it can also have a excellent design,the material used for is the best quality of stainless steel. The information you provide will be etched on them in the way you want.We have fascinating designs for you, which will be charming and appealing.

Our etched steel business cards are the most appealing cards and give an unforgettable impression.Humans are attracted by beauty and charming things.So, considering human nature business card must be memorable and extraordinary.We assure you, our cheap etched metal card will fuel the conversation between you and the customer.

Every detail you want on the card will be etched with a matte finish. If you want to order Etching Steel Business Cards,you can contact us on the given contact information. And please mention every detail which is required for your business card. We assure you that you will enjoy our service. Feel free to discuss the details of the design with our craftsman.

✅Stainless Steel
We offers the best quality. If you order a entry-level metal card, it will be made of Stainless steel, one of the finest qualities we use for your satisfaction. Metal cards give luxuries impact and a classy look. It will increase the worth of the information that you want to convey.

Matte Finish
Matte finish will be memorized in the customer's mind.The matte etched surface of the card will attract the customer’s attention, which will be the plus point for your business. This unique style card will work as a stimulus for further conversation.

Detailed Etched Finish
Details, design, and logos, every piece of information will be etched on them as per your demand, with matte finishing. We assure you that every detail will be etched with perfection. Finest work will be done on the cards. One of the benefits of etched is that the words will never off

Etched Logos
Logos are the symbol for your business, so they must be eye-catching. Besides names and numbers, we offer logos etched too with mirror finishing. Our craftsman will present you with the ideas of the best-etched logo. Printing between the etched gives the magnetizing effect, increases its beauty.

Use For:

Etched Metal Card is not only for business; any data you can engrave on them according to your wish. Following are some useful ideas for this metal.

  • Business Cards
  • VIP cards
  • Membership Cards
  • VIP Discount Cards
  • Gift Cards


  • They are Waterproof, which makes them long-lasting.
  • Having the best Business card is the most professional technique, giving the impression of a professional attitude towards your business.
  • These luxury etched metal cards are durable.
  • This etched metal card is money worth.
  • It is the most effective tool for marketing.
  • It gives a strong impression of your business.
  • Etched will remain long-lasting and prevent from rubbing off.

Order Now

If you are looking for someone who will design the most creative and attractive business metal cards for you or you want for your organization.Now you are at the right place we will help you in designing the world best business cards for your organization or brand which is cost effective and our designing services are totally free.

Order Process

▶Step1:Confirm the type of metal card and send us the quantity, thickness and size you need,send us artwork you might have,if you do not have artwork,you could send ud your logo and infomations to our email by,it is better for vector files,such as AI,PDF,CDR,EPS etc
Step2:In 24 hours or less, you will receive a design from us,and you could tell us your suggestions and opinions,and We will revise it to your satisfaction.
Step3:We confirm the terms of payment and then make payment
Step4:After confirming your artwork, your cards will be produced in our factory,The production time will about 2-3 weeks,Now you just have to wait patiently for the surprise to arrive in your hands.


Learn more about the crafts and price of metal business cards,contact us at,WhatsApp +86 18627751817,we will take you into the world of metal business cards and arm yourself with unique metal business cards.

Select Metal Business Cards Here:

Copper Metal Csuienss Cards          Stainless steel business cards

Copper Metal Business Cards            Stainless Steel Business Cards

--Only $249.8                                   ---Only  $165


Mirror Metal Business Cards        brushed stainless steel cards

Mirror Metal Business Cards            Stainless Steel Brushed Cards

--Only $195                                   ---Only  $195




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