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6 Most Exclusive Black Metal Business Cards in 2021

Written by qxmetalcards


Posted on November 12 2021

Black Metal Business Card is different from other metal variants,raw material is high-quality stainless steel,the main craft of making black metal cards is coating black color on the surface,black metal business card manufacturing is a lot more complex,black metal will not corrode or rust and are very durable against the elements. 

1.Black Metal Cut Out Cards

Black Metal Cut Out Cards is a very common type of metal card. Our metal cards are cut by chemical corrosion, so all shapes and patterns can be cut out. In the metal card design, you can choose your own Favorite patterns and fonts, because we can cut them accurately.We could do logo cut out,letters cut out,and pattern cut out etc. black metal business cards

2.Black Metal Etching Cards

Precise corrosion could make the pattern on the surface of the Black Metal Etching Card more vivid and clear,based on your requirements,we could do etching the words and patterns, or etch away other parts,leave  words and patterns.This 2 ways all allows the text and graphics to be easily readable against a dark background of the card.

3.Laser Engraving Black Metal Business Cards

Laser Engraving Black Metal Business Card,presents a very high-end surface,and over time,the patterns and words on it will never fade,even if we wear and tear, the engraved content will remain the same,the black card surface, accompanied by the silver color pattern,full of luxury. It is an essential business card for executive reception.

laser engraved black metal business cards

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4.Plated Shiny Black Metal Business Cards

Shiny Black Metal Business Card is different from ordinary black metal card, it is electroplated bright black, the surface will be more black and bright,just like a layer of grease on the surface,shiny black.In general, if you make a bright black metal card, the surface will be made into a matte effect, so that the sand pattern on the surface is like a sky full of stars, sparkling.

Plated Shiny Black Metal Business Cards

5.Spot UV Black Metal Business Cards

Spot UV Black Metal Cards will let the uv parts very black,use a darker black color to distinguish the information on the card from the black metal card base color.

Spot UV Black Metal Business Cards

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6.Frosted Black Metal Business Cards

Frosted Black Metal Business Card is etched on the smooth surface of the metal card to have a sand texture effect,frosted metal cards can generally be made into coarse sand texture effect and fine sand texture effect


All black metal business cards could also add the following items:

Magnetic Strip  NFC Sticker  Signature Panel  QR Code

Learn more about the crafts and price of black metal business cards,contact us at,WhatsApp +86 18627751817,we will take you into the world of metal business cards and arm yourself with unique metal business cards.



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